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Novelty!The power supply system of a multifunctional robotic complex for long-term operation based on a tethered high-altitude unmanned platform "Albatros".

The "Albatros" complex is intended for use in both civil and defense industries, performing the tasks of intelligence, electronic warfare, organizing broadband wireless communications over long distances, creating a modern telecommunications infrastructure in emergency situations, as well as protecting critical facilities and the state border.

The power supply system was developed in conjunction with ICS RAS

    The power supply system parameters:

  • cable length 100m.
  • ground-to-onboard power transmission via cable-rope – 8kW
  • voltage on cable-rope 1000V
  • standalone powering - three-phase industrial AC power supply 380V 50Hz
  • mobile powering – electric generator 10rW three-phase industrial AC power supply 380V 50Hz
  • time of continuous work - 24 hours.
  • operating temperature -30C - +40C

For more information on the power supply system, see the website of the magazine "Electric Power" (Russian).


21 - 24 september 2021, St.Petersburg, EXPOFORUM

Welcome to pavilion H, at booth B2.2

STC AKTOR will present own products:

  • AC and DC power supplyers for design, checking and testing electronic equipment.
  • Test voltage and current pulse generators
  • are designed for controlled reproduction of high-energy current and voltage pulses for testing protective devices and equipment. Generators are used at the stage of technological run, rejection in the production process, as well as at the stage of testing for resistance to external influences.

  • Regulated loads
  • are intended for testing and technological training of sources and power supply systems. Regulated loads are used both autonomously and as part of automated test systems.

  • Power quality parameter recorders
  • are intended for registration of processes in AC and DC power supply, their analysis and subsequent reproduction by imitating equipmet.

  • test equipment according standarts for quality of electric energy
  • are used when checking for compliance with regulatory requirements and technological trainings of the electronics and its main functional parts. Application as part of other automated test systems.

  • onboard power suppliers (static invertors)
  • voltage converters allow you to connect equipment designed for 220 / 380V 50Hz to the on-board power of an aircraft or helicopter. The converters are designed to equip flying laboratories, hospitals, etc.

  • Power sypply systems
  • are designed to provide power from land-based stationary and mobile autonomous, aviation and ship (alternating and direct current) power sources.

  • Controllers for monitoring and managing technical resources and systems
  • are intended for collecting and monitoring the data of sensors and indicators of sensors for closing / opening contacts (motion sensors, penetration, smoke, leaks, etc.), as well as devices control (on / off).

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    Static frequency  converters
    • 115V 400Hz 3fase to 220V 50Hz 1fase
    • 220V 50Hz 1f to 115V 400Hz 3f
    • 220V 50Hz 1f в 115V 400Hz 1f
    • 380V 3f to 115V 400Hz 3f
    • 220V 50Hz 1f to 115V 1000Hz 3f
    • 220V 50Hz 1f в 36V 1000Hz 3f
    According to GOST 19705-89 «Electric power supply systems of aircrafts and helicopters. General requirements and norms of quality of electric energy »
    Power supplyers
    Printed circuits
    Other products  and development
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